JISC Rapid Innovators invade Manchester

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a really impressive event hosted by UKOLN (with support from JISC) at the City of Manchester Stadium. The event continues today but I was unable to stay the distance 😦 The event brought together JISC Rapid Innovation projects alongside a number of other people with…… Continue reading JISC Rapid Innovators invade Manchester

JISC, Rapid Innovation and Transparency

There appears to be something of a mini-revolution going on at JISC these days particularly coming out of the Information Environment team and their relationship with UKOLN.  Support for events like Mashed Libraries, the CRIG Roadshow and the hugely successful Developer Happiness Days, as well as a commitment to blogging, Twitter and a general move…… Continue reading JISC, Rapid Innovation and Transparency

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