Tag: Life Lessons

  • Celebrating a year of the ‘Dark Side’

    A year ago this week I started at Notbinary. I didn’t have a job title nor a job description (I still don’t really though it is closer than ever). I had only the vaguest idea of what I was going to be doing (initially in Swansea) and after a long career avoiding working on the […]

  • Seven: Endless

    The Endless This week has mainly been defined by my endless whining about my commute. Bristol Parkway and Filton Abbey Wood stations are currently closed which means my already 90 minute each way to Taunton trip is now a little over two hours each way — assuming nothing goes wrong (it did). This has left me a […]

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love…My Job.

    I spent much of 2015–2017 in a near perpetual state of professional anxiety — that is when I wasn’t totally checked out mentally due to getting overwhelmed. Now this wasn’t all bad. I achieved a lot — especially initially — but in the long run I ended up in a bit of a mess. My eventual diagnosis with type two diabetes […]

  • Year of the Dog: Notes from ‘Spring Equinox’ (Chunfen)

    I turned 45 last week. Forty-Effing-Five. It was a slightly strange one to be honest. I’m not great with birthdays — for someone a little too prone to self reflection and melancholy they can be a bit of a trigger — but really this year should have been different. Physically I doubt I have been this good since my […]

  • [S05 E10] “Into the Woods”

    I’m fine. So as I said last week I’ve been tired. Bone tired. I’ve also been suffering from pretty persistent background anxiety for a while which had recently been ramping up. This week that all unfortunately manifested itself in not one of my finest moments at our team retreat. I convinced myself that a (with […]