The #mozfest fringe

Quite a few years ago now I organised a ‘fringe’ event to the UKOER conference in a local pub the night before. It turned out to be an interesting evening with speakers from Creative Commons and P2PU (still thankful to Pippa and Nathan) and some notable attendees from both Canada (Brian and Scott) and all…… Continue reading The #mozfest fringe

Morning at #mozfest

Despite being good last night and leaving the pub at a decent hour I still managed to be late this morning and as such missed the start of the Anil Dash opening keynote 😦 (luckily its available online – though there is some dead space at the start ) I did show up in time…… Continue reading Morning at #mozfest

Who is the [science] fairest of them all? #mozfest

I’ll admit my only real understanding of the concept of ‘science fairs’ comes from a mild addiction when I was younger to shows of the ‘Saved by the Bell’ genre. So any such event without Screech is a little bit of a let down. The #mozfest version is however something to behold. There were apparently…… Continue reading Who is the [science] fairest of them all? #mozfest