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  • Raps Golden Age…according to a middle aged, white bloke in Bristol.

    I have this theory that the Golden Age of Rap is a decade book-ended by two tragedies — the death of DJ Scott La Rock on August 27, 1987 and then the death of Biggie Smalls on March 9, 1997. There are important tracks, albums and artists before (Run DMC) and after (Jay-Z) those dates but (in […]

  • [book report] Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far

    I’m a fan of Stormzy. I remember seeing the ‘Shut Up’ freestyle on YouTube. All aggression, Adidas and lyrics. I loved it. Which was actually more surprising than you might think as I never really liked Grime — the only artist I ever really rated was Kano. My tastes too ingrained in that NYC version of rap. […]

  • YO! Netflix Raps

    What I’ve been watching recently I swear some Netflix exec is doing penance for inflicting ‘The Get Down’ on the world (I’m only bitter because I was so excited for it) as the last month or so there has been a steady stream of what I guess someone at the BBC would call ‘urban’ content…it has […]