Lead to succeed?

There have been a few blogposts recently about what it means to be a leader — Andrew, Kit, Janet and others have contributed and they have all been interesting and helpful. There was also a great article about Tony Ageh, who despite the fact I have never met him has long been what I considered the definition…… Continue reading Lead to succeed?

Interesting conferences in 2016

I’m looking around for conferences that fit my interests — so basically civic tech / digital government / product management / service design / blogging (do people still do blogging events?) At this point I’m game for anything — unconference, hackday, symposium or traditional conference and location isn’t a factor as I’m open to travel for the right event.…… Continue reading Interesting conferences in 2016

Jobs I found interesting this week

20th December 2015 Digital Service ManagersOffice for National StatisticsView job ad Sheffield Development HubHome OfficeView job ad Digital Transformation Project ManagerEU Business Growth HubView job ad Director of Digital EngagementUniversity of LincolnView job ad Head of Customers, Communication and MarketingDenbighshire County CouncilView job ad User Experience OfficerVSOView job ad Senior Product ManagerCitizens AdviceView job ad Digital…… Continue reading Jobs I found interesting this week

[from the archive] Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something.

‘from the archive’ are posts appropriate to this blog I am adding from my earlier Medium writings or blogposts elsewhere — avoiding the worst of it 🙂 First published October 31st, 2015. I’ve read a couple of great posts about ‘agile’ in the last week or so — it is like 2008 all over again! First Paul Downey strayed from…… Continue reading [from the archive] Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something.