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  • A company ‘of the web’ not just ‘on the web’..?

    I know I’m not using the ‘of the web..’ idea correctly here — though I suspect there aren’t that many of us around who remember people at the Guardian espousing that principle that led to me using it a lot at the ONS. The thing is I find myself in a — for me — pretty rare situation career wise. I […]

  • A user manual for Matt

    Inspired by Cassie Robinson. Cassie has written this amazing blogpost → A user manual for me and as I loved it so much (there aren’t enough ‘claps’ on Medium for it) and she shared her template I thought I would have a go at it myself. I tend to think of myself as pretty self-aware […]

  • myWeek (s4e09)

    The Venice of the North As I have mentioned before mySociety is a remote working organisation. There are a couple of small clusters of people in Oxford and Bristol who tend to work together but for the most part we are pretty scattered. This has a whole bunch of benefits but also presents a few challenges — especially […]