Weeknotes S3e02

Monday [London] Had my first official visit to Defra HQ — Noble House in London and met the team face to face for the first time. Starting to feel like a part of something and Noble House is an interesting place — it is a bit like the TARDIS with a seemingly small facade that opens up into a…… Continue reading Weeknotes S3e02

Small teams, loosely joined

One thing that is guaranteed to send a shiver of dread down my spine is anytime the conversation turns to ‘scaling agile’. It is a difficult moment as on the one hand it usually means that the early experiments with working agile have had some success and it is finding believers where previously there were…… Continue reading Small teams, loosely joined

[day note] DVLA, Swansea

Thanks to Dudley, Lee and Ryan for taking time out of their days to chat to me and to Rohan for making it happen. It was a genuinely interesting couple of hours (and not only for finding a Grimsby fan in Swansea!). The DVLA digital team have been a major player in the GDS ‘revolution’…… Continue reading [day note] DVLA, Swansea

[from the archive] Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something.

‘from the archive’ are posts appropriate to this blog I am adding from my earlier Medium writings or blogposts elsewhere — avoiding the worst of it 🙂 First published October 31st, 2015. I’ve read a couple of great posts about ‘agile’ in the last week or so — it is like 2008 all over again! First Paul Downey strayed from…… Continue reading [from the archive] Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something.