The One Hundred

myWeek (s4e20) Week twenty. Give or take that is 100 working days. It has been a long time since I felt such a steep learning curve but I’m starting to feel like I am getting somewhere. Maybe I’ll take the time this weekend to write a retrospective of my time so far? Maybe. If I…… Continue reading The One Hundred

The two faces of Bezos

Jeff Bezos’s shareholder letter got a lot of coverage in the geekier end of the business press this past week. I’m not surprised. There is plenty of great stuff in it. The Everything Store is one of the books I learned most about what product management could be and it is one I often recommend…… Continue reading The two faces of Bezos

myWeek (s4e13)

Unlucky for some So I’m going to call this week a ‘blip’. I never really got going and really don’t feel like I got much — if anything — done. A combination of being in quite a bit of pain with my foot at times plus generally feeling a bit run down and worn out meant I was just a…… Continue reading myWeek (s4e13)