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  • The Problem with Purdah

    There is no such thing as ‘purdah’. That is what the Cabinet Office press office would tell you if you asked. It is the ‘pre-election period’ and rather unusually this time (see Stefan’s post for why it is unusual) there is some comprehensive guidance available. I happen to think it is pretty useless but it […]

  • API Days

    In my last post I at least tried to make the case for; Publish for humans, all of the humans. But don’t forget the machines. This time I’m going to talk a little bit about what we might get from those machines — because I’m not convinced it is always what people are expecting. While it can […]

  • Show your workings: a digital statistical publication

    Russell has written a post that touches on some of his thinking about what a ‘digital white paper’ might look like and in doing so draws attention to Bret Victor’s tour de force of a ‘longread’ about climate change. The real brilliance of the work by Victor is that not only is it wonderfully interactive […]

  • A hobbyist hacker, spreadsheet warrior & an API advocate walked in to a pub…

    ..and they all tell the bar staff they can’t pour a pint. That is basically the life of being a data publisher at the moment. Leigh has written a great post about ‘Who is the intended audience for open data?’ where he articulates some of the problems and clashes of cultures better than I could […]