Tag: Transformation

  • Helping Gatekeepers become Transformers

    In my years doing this ‘digital transformation’ lark (and call it whatever you like — you know what I mean if you are reading this!) I have totally embraced this idea that it is about the people and not the technology. That said not all people are created equal and increasingly I’ve realised that (at least at […]

  • The Team is the Unit of Delivery…as a Service

    One of the reasons I joined NotBinary — the transformation agency I am now working for — is because a big part of their model is this idea of supplying squads to clients to deliver specific outcomes. The clients could be any kind of organisation / business but of course public sector is a big player in the strategy […]

  • Going viral: the digitalisation of our iconic institutions

    Like most people of a certain vintage in a digital-ish profession I went through a stage where Techcrunch was my bible and I desperately wanted to be a part of a successful startup. In the end I spent a year at a [not] successful example and learned loads — not least that it wasn’t the world for […]