Looking sideways (and forwards)

Simon has written about the importance of looking sideways before and in the past it has been something I’ve tried to do quite a bit of. Last summer in particular I took a tour of product teams in Government and other bits of the public service world — it was ended sooner than I planned due to…… Continue reading Looking sideways (and forwards)

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Internet of Public Service Jobs — 11/06/17

‘Internet of Public Service jobs’ is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, user experience, data and design in…you guessed it…the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie every Sunday. Sign up for it as an email every Sunday afternoon! [01] Digital communications managerJiscBristol [02] Head of Digital ServicesThe National Archives [03] Innovation…… Continue reading Internet of Public Service Jobs — 11/06/17

[What is it you actually do?] Ben Cubbon

‘What is it you actually do?’ is a series of blogpost ‘interviews’ that ask interesting folk working on digital products in and around public service the age old question — ‘what is it you actually do?’. Shamelessly copying from Lifehacker’s ‘How I work’ series and ‘The Set Up’ blog. Who are you and what do you do…… Continue reading [What is it you actually do?] Ben Cubbon

myWeek (s4e04)

Four weeks. Doesn’t time fly when you are desperately trying to learn a new role! I remain in the somewhat unusual position (for me) of really enjoying the job — that isn’t to say I haven’t been in that position before but in the past it has snuck up on me and then taken hold after several…… Continue reading myWeek (s4e04)