The Negative zone..


OK it has been pointed out to me by one or two people that my blog post yesterday might have been a little bit negative! I’m not going to pretend I haven’t been frustrated by elements of my new role but things are slowly improving and its just a case of trying to get in to a new mind-set I think.

The framework which all the e-gov activity works within is far more resistant to change than I have become used to working at JISC but it has well established reasons and procedures and is quite obviously dealing with a very different type of audience. Despite its own layers of bureacracy JISC and the wider area of ICT in Education (particularly HE) is far more open to innovation and taking risks, but then I guess thats kind of the point. Organisations like JISC and its many Services, programmes and projects are by their very nature early adopters and that willingness to push the boundaries gave my work in communications more space to roam.

While my interests continue to be mainly focussed on using the ideas and tools of Web 2.0 in enhancing (rather than replacing) more traditional communications models (blended communications?) the more disciplined approach required to take this current project forward is a timely reminder that some of my skillset has become rusty through underuse and it will be useful in the long run to get back into running a more standard web project. It will also give me an opportunity to polish up my diplomacy skills as well!

Later in the week I’m going to get back onto the topic of the amplified conference and more generally into my ideas about blended comms – you know, the more fun stuff!