Birth of Betagov

So yesterday evening Betagov was born. It began not with a bang but with a Twitter 🙂 A virtual torrent of tweets filled my timeline last night at a little after 9pm as the new site became available and we all had a little play. I’m not going to write much here to today as…… Continue reading Birth of Betagov

Alphagov in Action

So sometime yesterday evening the Alphagov ‘experimental prototype’ was released into the wild and this morning my Twitter stream is full of buzz about it – which in the main seems positive. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a site preview and opportunity to meet some of the team so I…… Continue reading Alphagov in Action

The Negative zone..

OK it has been pointed out to me by one or two people that my blog post yesterday might have been a little bit negative! I’m not going to pretend I haven’t been frustrated by elements of my new role but things are slowly improving and its just a case of trying to get in…… Continue reading The Negative zone..

New job – week 2..

Well life at my new job at HEFCE has certainly been eye-opening. As far as working environments go it couldn’t be much more different than I’m used to and the fact that I had to have a member of IT install Firefox for me after getting permission as it is not supported technology and it…… Continue reading New job – week 2..

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