New job – week 2..

Well life at my new job at HEFCE has certainly been eye-opening. As far as working environments go it couldn’t be much more different than I’m used to and the fact that I had to have a member of IT install Firefox for me after getting permission as it is not supported technology and it still comes minus Flash(!)

Still the project looks like it will finally start getting some momentum next week. I have a meeting with members of the DCSF – who run the Education and Learning Directgov franchise – and some of the Directgov team next Wednesday, am speaking to the Comms group for Aimhigher and other Widening Participation activities in Sheffield on Thursday and then continuing up to Newcastle on Friday to meeting with some of the team at HERO again (they currently manage the Aimhigher website) and also to Netskills who are going to do some user-testing work for the project (better the devil you know :] ).. In the weeks to come I also have meetings with the Student Loans Company and LSC to discuss their experience of running a sub franchise…

At the moment so much of what I am doing is educated guesswork really – as until I have met all the other players in this project I am not sure what direction things are going to go. Directgov is the real issue/opportunity – what direction they are going to take in the next couple of years is going to have a real impact on my work here…look forward to finding out!

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  1. There you go ! Thats a bit more positive – embrace the difference (apologies for vaguely hippy-esque reference)

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