Big week on the interweb..

Its been a busy old week in the wide, wacky world of the web..

  • Flavour of the month (and a personal fave of mine) Twitter has been down for often than not in the last week or so.  There also seems to be some infrastructure moves going on behind the scenes that have the Web 2.0 conspiracy geeks all worked up..
  • I finally got my Seesmic invite so I can see what all the fuss is about but after a first look I’ve got to say..uh?
  • Microsoft makes a semi-hostile takeover bid of Yahoo – it’ll be interesting to see how a successful takeover would sit with the users of Yahoo services like Flickr, Delicious, Upcoming etc which have large early adopter/bloggeratti support and are not known for their love of all things Microsoft.  Also it would create an insanely large webmail business..
  • Potentially the biggest news (for me at least) was the release of the Google Social Graph API.  Just this week I was reading the NMC Horizon report where it identified ‘social operating systems’ as one of its emerging technologies in the four-to-five year adoption period..I think it might have been a little fast forwarded this week.  Tim O’Reilly has written a post on how he sees this as an important step towards an ‘internet operating system’ and I think he is right.  I also think its a step towards the semantic web (sometime sickening called web 3.0) that people like Paul Miller at Talis and his colleagues have been posting about at Nodalities.  However as the semantic web regularly gives me a migraine I can’t quite be sure about that!  It certainly seems much more important that they more hyped, but kind of rubbish Open Social offering that Google were behind late in 2007.

Anyway all in all a big week and I look forward to following the stories as they develop..