Miami Day 2

Its 16.40 here in sunny Miami – unfortuntely my body still thinks its 21.40 and I am running out of steam rapido!  However after a quick power nap I’m sure I’ll be up and about soon enough.

Trip was longer than I thought/expected – flight was almost 10 hours in the end though was pretty stress free with only the final hour dragging (though the massive row between 2 female passengers and half the cabin crew livened things up!) and the benefits of flying with Virgin were obvious again.

Getting through security in Miami was a bit slow but nowhere near as bad as JFK and about the same as Newark so no big deal – though as usual cab driver was completely befuddled by my accent!  After my magical mystery tour last time I was in the US I had the sense to print out the address of the hotel this time and disaster was averted.

Hotel is beyond POSH!  Not really the sort of place I feel comfortable but it has to be said the room is amazing with a 42″ LCD tv with premium cable!

Spent most of today exploring South Beach – had brekkie at the Front Porch Cafe which was lovely and spent the morning wandering along the beach and just taking it easy catching up on my reading.

This afternoon I have been to Lincoln Mall – a pedestrian area with lots of shops and cafes where I found the only real bookstore on South Beach and picked up the new Wired and another novel as I am burning through the one I brought with me.  I then took a wander to Espanola Way which is full of Italian and Spanish style resturants and I found the cheesiest Italian place and ate meatball subs and drank Peroni doing my best Tony Soprano impression!

Then I wandered back to the beach and watched the beach volleyball gals for a while before heading back to my room to write this!

Going to head out again this evening for a few beers (spotted a couple of ‘proper’ bars today) but as it is FOWA proper tomorrow I will have to get up early and have my head in the game so I need to take it easy.