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  • Has COVID killed my escape fantasy?

    Has COVID killed my escape fantasy?

    Almost everybody I know in digital/tech land has some kind of escape fantasy. Opening a yoga studio or a food truck. Writing a novel or trekking around Asia. I am no different. When work things get on top of me in the past I’ve always retreated to the same fantasy. My bookshop. At this point […]

  • Missing my May escapes..

    This day last year I was on my way to Toronto for #jukesiesjaunt. I spent almost a month visiting Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Oakland and San Francisco. On this day in 2018 I was on my way to Vancouver for one of my favourite ever trips. I spent three weeks visiting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. […]

  • Lock down far

    I am lucky that work has been keeping my busy and focused but I’ve also tried hard to maintain some downtime – not easy as I live in a tiny one bed flat (albeit one with a garden), am not exactly exercise friendly and haven’t been able to calm my mind enough to read for […]

  • #showyourshelves

    I’ve seen a couple of folk do this on Twitter and Insta but I couldn’t work out how to get a decent picture (or even just a couple of pictures) of the mess mine are in so here it is – minus the floppies (single issue comics) and a few books dotted around the flat […]

  • Walking Washington

    I’ve posted a little about the conferences I attended in DC this last week but I thought I would write a quick (photo illustrated) travel post as well. Anyone who saw my tweets will realise I had a great time and am a big fan of DC. I really would love to spend a year […]