11th Street Diner and beyond..

So I decided not to attend the Scrapblog party at Nikki Beach as it didn’t really seem to be my kind of place and my bodyclock seems determined to stick to GMT so it seemed one step too far.  So off I toddled to the amazing looking 11th Street Diner (http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=diner+miami&m=text) for a few (4) Key West lagers (which was surprisingly good) and some Southern Fried Chicken (nice..) Sweet Potato fries (great) and coleslaw (freakin’ amazing!) and then weirdly a big group of the speakers from the conference showed up and sat behind me. Tantek Celik, Brian Oberkirch, Matt Mullenwag, Leah Culver, Joseph Smarr and others I think but being British I didn’t interupt or be obviously earwigging so can’t be sure.  Apart from the fact the fact only one of them had a beer and only Leah had real food they were seemed normal enough!  Though they really do live this stuff.  It looked like a few people might have been Twitter stalking as a few people from FOWA started to show up so I paid up and moved on.

As is so often the case I reverted to type and ended up in the Playwright Irish bar watching sports, chatting to the staff and getting quietly drunk – the place has a nice vibe and the dodgy covers band was kinda fun.  So I managed to get back in one piece – had a decent nights sleep and so am out and about again today.