Miami Days 4 and 5..

Yesterday (Saturday) was good fun – it started as it so often does with a hangover but after breakfast at the massive but average Jerrys Deli (I gave the FOWA table a miss as it was rammed) I was feeling much better and spent a productive morning doing nothing at the beach.  A good amount of time was spent watching beach volleyball – which they a) take very seriously and b) are very good at here – like so much of South Beach though you get the impression alot of it is about being seen!

Anyway it was a good morning and after a bit of a power nap I headed off to the FOWA beach party at Nikki Beach – now a quick word about the venue: its like the set of a porno movie or at least a very sexy Nip/Tuck episode with shimmering tanned, hardbodies everywhere – what they thought of this massive geek invasion is anyones guess!

The party was alot of fun – chatted to a few of the Carsonified team and was again impressed by them – I think its cool that this little Westcountry company has this kind of US following – met and chatted to a few other folk and was amazed not only by bright they all were but by just how much they live this stuff – it really is on a different level and probably why so many start-ups are in the US.  To be honest, hand on heart, I felt a little bit of a fraud in this crowd as much as I love the (social) web and all that it stands for (and the fact its opened up a good living for me!) I’m just not in the same league as alot of these people and I wish them all luck in their various projects.

I sloped off after 4 or 5 hours as I was starving and hadn’t grabbed any BBQ when it was available (eatings cheating!) so I went to a steak house and ended up drinking with a couple from Virginia and some other guys and watching College basketball..was far too drunk by the end though and struggled to get back to room and to sleep!

Miami seems crazy today – the heat and the brightness have stepped up a level – and so have the crowds.  I spent a couple of hours wandering around and drinking fresh lemonade (lovely) but the ‘look at me’ culture is pretty full on today and its a little draining..I’m going to take a couple of hours off and head back out when its cooled down a bit for an early evening walk along the beach and grab some food but I think tonight will be taking advantage of this amazing room (including I found out this morning a Nintendo Wii that I can borrow anytime from the front desk!)