Looking forward to JISC Conference 2008

I’m looking forward to this JISC Conference this year for all sorts of reasons, not least just the fact that I have missed working with the JISC Comms team these last six months.  However one of the big pluses this year is that I should be able to spend a bit more time attending sessions and demos than the last few years where I was mainly just stressed out and unable to do anything but glare at people as steam came out of my ears!

This year however I have less direct responsibility for the conference and while I won’t be without work to do there are some things I’m really looking forward to:

– the demo of CREW which is something I’m really interested in as I become more and more interested in the whole idea of building web communities and content clouds around specific events and this JISC funded, open source project seems like it could be really useful

– the keynotes from Lord Putnam and Angela Beesley – both of which will give a unique perspective I think and its always good to get different speakers who aren’t always doing the ‘circuit’

– spending some time in the exhibition area, particularly around the OSS Watch open source demo-area – an idea that Randy and I spoke about in passing at last years conference and that Ross and Grace have turned into a reality

– having my traditional drink in All-Bar-One as soon as the conference is over!

All that combined with the Crowdvine network, the (micro)blogging, live video streaming, podcasts and what looks like the most balanced, interesting programme in a while and certainly the largest attendance should make for an exciting day!