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  • Five year plan

    Five year plan

    I’ve never had much of a career plan. Hell, I’ve never had much of a career. From a certain angle and with the benefit of time it starts to look a bit coherent but for the most part it is based on luck, some poor decisions and being in the right place at the wrong […]

  • Planning and prioritisation predicament

    Planning and prioritisation predicament

    A rather large percentage of the limited horsepower in my noggin these days is consumed with helping redesign a DDaT wide planning and prioritisation process. So this is some classic thinking out loud – do shout if you have ideas, insights or sympathy. So like Q-Tip asked – what’s the scenario? Multiple portfolios. Each portfolio […]

  • Coaching vs Commanding Culture Clash

    Coaching vs Commanding Culture Clash

    I really like this tweet from Mr Turn the Ship Around. So much of what I do – and a big reason I took this job – is that I find this form of leadership to be fulfilling and effective. Whether I’m any good at it is another question but God loves a trier. I […]

  • What’s the pitch?

    What’s the pitch?

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the pitch is to convince someone to join the Civil Service to do ‘digital’ at the moment – particularly product and delivery folks but wider than than. Now I know I have only recently returned but I suspect my motivations and circumstances are going to be […]

  • A Restorative Return

    A Restorative Return

    Okay that last post was a bit of a Debbie Downer (popular though – people love a sob story!). So here is the flip-side, positive follow-up. In the end I stopped work with Notbinary/Foundry4/TPX late August 2021 and then spent six months recharging – longer than I’d planned but that was not a bad thing. […]