Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

This morning I came across this Civil Service Innovation Challenge that offers the opportunity to win a trip to California to undertake the Singularity University ‘Executive Program’. Singularity University is a slightly odd Silicon Valley corporate learning start-up with some big name corporate backers and some high profile founders. I’m not sure it would usually…… Continue reading Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

Au Revoir Ampp3d

Sure it had a stupid name and couldn’t possibly be accused of presenting a neutral point of view with how it presented the data but I am very sorry to see Ampp3d close it’s doors at Trinity Mirror. There is no doubt it was a massive influence on my team at ONS when it came…… Continue reading Au Revoir Ampp3d

19 problems & Github ain’t one..

Ben Balter has the rather impressive job title of  ‘Government Evangelist’ at Github. He was one of the original Presidential Innovation Fellows in the U.S. and been a vocal advocate for a move towards a more digital by default federal government from within the White House and in his time at Github. He knows of…… Continue reading 19 problems & Github ain’t one..

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