Enterprise empathy

There has been a fair amount of talk about the ills of Microsoft Teams and Office365 on the Twitters these last couple of days and like Vicky said it is starting to smack a bit of digital privilege and honestly is coming across as a bit blinkered. Look personally I find both Teams and O365…… Continue reading Enterprise empathy

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The Security Service

One of the great frustrations of being a supplier to Government – particularly with the amount of time we spend embedded on-site with Government teams – is the security pass situation. Regularly working in locations where you need to be permanently escorted and can’t even go to the loo, let alone a meeting room or…… Continue reading The Security Service


I come from an earlier age of the internet-era. The web in particular was all a bit new and it felt like everybody was really just making it up as we went along. An age before certifications. More than anything it was the age of the generalist. So many people I know from 1998-2008 who…… Continue reading Multi-hyphenates

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