Five year plan

I’ve never had much of a career plan. Hell, I’ve never had much of a career. From a certain angle and with the benefit of time it starts to look a bit coherent but for the most part it is based on luck, some poor decisions and being in the right place at the wrong time – or vice versa. 

Anyway there has never been anything resembling a plan.

Upon my return to employment and to the Civil Service though I have sketched out a bit of a five-year ‘plan’ Well five-and-a-bit-year plan as it works back from 55.

Basically I want to go part-time at 55 and to be honest being a Civil Servant – with all the flexibility that comes with that – provides the best route to that…but before then there are a few things I want to tick off.

  1. I want to spend three years in this current role. Like I’ve said elsewhere, one of the reasons I came back to the Civil Service was to get away from short-term projects and to spend some time building something. Three years feels about right for that – after that I feel like it is diminishing returns. For me at least. I’ve got an idea of what I want to achieve and the way I want to do it – if I can’t manage that in three years I’ve blown it anyway.

  2. Year four or five I want to see if I can get an international secondment. It is one of my big regrets that I have never worked away despite a couple of opportunities. Honestly I have no idea if it is even possible but I’ve known people do shifts in Canada, New Zealand and Australia over the years so maybe there is still a possibility.

  3. Plus – much as I really don’t want to be a Deputy Director long term – I’d like to lead a time limited, high profile ‘thing’. I don’t know what but there is always something, somewhere. I look at the amazing work friends did with Covid and Ukraine projects for instance and I’d just like to contribute to something like that. 

So those are my goals – if I can manage that and then transition into an interesting, challenging but part-time role to keep the brain (and bank account) ticking over I think I’ll be happy. Old…but happy.

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