Home Sweet Home..

The Hub Bristol 3, originally uploaded by matt_jukes.

This is the view from my desk at my new home from home at the Hub in Bristol! Its an interesting place – with lots of people doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things based here (though it has to be said today its like the Marie Celeste!)

I’m looking forward to being based here as my consultancy work starts to build as its nice to have somewhere to go beyond my couch each day! The fact its on a street chock full of pubs doesn’t hurt either!

The work at the HEFCE conference running a conference blog and encouraging them to do some more ‘snappy’ audio with the help of Hector and Philip from JISC went well with some nice words from David Eastwood the Chief Exec at HEFCE. We got a lot more traffic to the blog than I expected but as usual comment shyness ruled the day!

Anyway it seems to have done well enough that there might be more activity from HEFCE in that direction in the future and that can only be a good thing.

Next week is the JISC Conference and that is the big one really. The JISC Comms team have embraced the whole spectrum of ideas around the ‘amplified conference’ concept and there is a whole lot going on. I have no doubt it will have its detractors but I think for most people it will be a real benefit and is the way forward for this sort of event. Then I would say that wouldn’t I!