Going viral: the digitalisation of our iconic institutions

Like most people of a certain vintage in a digital-ish profession I went through a stage where Techcrunch was my bible and I desperately wanted to be a part of a successful startup. In the end I spent a year at a [not] successful example and learned loads — not least that it wasn’t the world for…… Continue reading Going viral: the digitalisation of our iconic institutions

Don’t look back in anger..

..at least not at old Government websites. There was an interesting debate online last week for anybody interested in digital government and particularly the work of the ‘Government Digital Service’. Chris Cook, an editor on Newsnight and formerly at the Financial Times, wrote an article on the BBC website that lambasted the work of GDS…… Continue reading Don’t look back in anger..

Believing your own slogans

I’ve just finished reading ‘How Google Works’ by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. It is an interesting book and certainly gives an insightful of the way the senior echelons at Google operate. While it is hard to disagree with some of the brains behind one of the greatest success stories of the ‘internet era’ I…… Continue reading Believing your own slogans

The Numbers Game

Digpen & WebDevConf 2014 I gave similar version of this talk at DigPen in Plymouth and WebDevConf in Bristol in September/October 2014. Morning — hope you have had your coffee and are sufficiently fed and rested for the day. Over the course of the next several hours there will be loads of great talks where the speakers…… Continue reading The Numbers Game