Defining Digital

..or rather entirely failing to do so. Recently I had one of those questions that rocks you a little bit. When someone asks you something that you had taken for granted to such an extent you had stopped thinking about whether anyone else outside of your circle really understands. In this case the question was;…… Continue reading Defining Digital

Taking a breather..

  I’ve decided to take the rest of this year off from blogging here – I’ll write the occasional thing over on Medium and on our work blog but I’m thinking I’m going to turn the lights off here as the fun has gone out of it a bit (lot).

Approval for agile projects becoming more agile?

Unless you work in a particular corner of Government digital/IT then this won’t be very exciting but if, like me, you are toiling away in that specific corner then Friday was a ‘red-letter day’! The new guidance from Treasury (with a major dollop of GDS influence) about the process & procedures for getting approval and…… Continue reading Approval for agile projects becoming more agile?

A healthier

I remain fascinated with all the Healthcare.Gov stuff from the US. I am not sure the failure of a web project has ever been higher profile and the speed of recovery from IT disaster to success story was/is simply remarkable. This article about the ‘trauma team’ of geek volunteers brought in to save the day…… Continue reading A healthier


A few people have noticed I have updated my LinkedIn profile with a new job title. Now given my career history I can understand that people might jump to the conclusion that I have changed jobs *again* but the reality is this is more of an evolution of what I have been doing since I…… Continue reading Transformer