C-0T Autobot & Bumblebee by Louis K.
C-0T Autobot & Bumblebee by Louis K.

A few people have noticed I have updated my LinkedIn profile with a new job title. Now given my career history I can understand that people might jump to the conclusion that I have changed jobs *again* but the reality is this is more of an evolution of what I have been doing since I started at ONS. As things have progressed over my first year a decision was made that I should focus my attention a bit more than my wide ranging role has really allowed to date.

So I now have the rather grand title of Head of Digital Transformation. This is as much to do with job title inflation as anything if I am honest 🙂 The role is essentially that of Product Manager for a small, but strategically important portfolio of web development and open data projects.

I’ve written a few things about it over on our work blog over the last week or so and that is where I’ll openly document the work we are undertaking.

Part of the role is better aligning the way we work with the GDS Service Manual and Service Standard and I’ll be sharing our experiences on that process as well as general updates on progress (or not!)

I think this is likely to limit my blogging on this site for a while but we’ll see.

For anyone interested (and for future me who will inevitable need this at some point!) here is the summary of the job description;

The programme is looking for a Digital Transformation lead to manage the initial transformation of the ONS digital publishing services, particularly the website(s) and open data developments (including API provision), work with stakeholders and users to ensure the service is meeting the needs of users and that the service evolves and improves.

• Responsible for the delivery; maintenance and continuous improvement of one or more digital products.
• Work effectively across teams to support the ONS in delivering back-end technology that enables that delivery of excellent digital public services
• Manage delivery and user insight teams, analyse qualitative and quantitative user data, gather user requirements, get user buy-in for product definition and delivery approach.
• Work with the Product Manager to define the roadmap for any given product and translate this into user stories
• Ensure all products are built to an appropriate level of quality for the stage (alpha/beta/production)
• Lead on the use of third-party channels to meet user needs
• Understand the digital marketplace
• Matrix-manage a multidisciplinary team
• Communicate credibly with a wide range of stakeholders including UKSA, the GSS, GDS, international partners and commercial suppliers.
• Manage relationships and integration with other ONS digital services (i.e. EDC, NeSS)

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