BCE session at JISC 08

[notes by Louisa Dale]

Simon Whittemore opened a session addressing the barriers to Business and Community Engagement: defined as ‘the strategic management of interactions, partnerships and transactions external to the institution.

Perhaps interesting that the public sector currently remains the most significant proportion of an (education) institution’s external engagement.

Business and community engagement professionals need solutions to broker knowledge transfer / exchange and professionals.

JISC’s innovation programme aims to enhance institutions’ efficiency, effectiveness and opportunities and help institutions overcome the barries to access to institutional knowledge assests for business and community organisations.

With significant political drivers, not least supported by the creation of DIUS, there are challenges for institutions. Cultural change,  new skills and support services (contact and information management) are required to support employer engagement and to encourage the exploitation of research innovation.

Jason Campbell spoke on behalf of JISC Legal, which supports the higher education sector in understanding the legal issues related to the use of technology. JISC comissioned a study (now available) into the legal barriers (or better still opportunities being missed) to exploit institutional assets for the purposes of business and community engagement.

HEFCE recently funded a study (now available) to investigate and produce guidelines for the use of Publicly- funded Infrastructure, Services and Intellectual Property.