good fit..

My upcoming move to Ofcom hasn’t been without some…logistical issues – however these are getting sorted and like any good potential employee I’ve been doing a bit of research and came across the post event web coverage of the International Media Literacy Research Forum (which is something I think I’ll be involved with in the future to some extent). In line with my ideas and work I’ve been doing on ‘amplified conferences‘ they have pulled together video, audio, still images to extend the coverage of the event – they’ve also used Youtube to host the videos and Flickr for the photos so I have high hopes that the team at Ofcom will be receptive to wider use of technologies around events (particularly interested in trying out CoverItLive now its added more options) and looking into creative ways to manage a backchannel.

Recently I have been following the work David Wilcox (amongst others) have been doing around 2gether08 and it has got me really thinking about combining collaborative technologies and face-to-face events again (not that it was ever far from my thoughts) and I think it really is the way forward for education/public/third sector style events. I’d also like to say I think it looks like a great event and would love to attend but it being so close to my starting the new job I don’t think it will be possible which is a real pity.