Events 2.0 roundup..

I’ve read a few interesting bits and pieces the last week or two about events again so I thought I’d just put together a quick post covering them.

Tony at Crowdvine has written an interesting post on the Crowdvine blog about adding an unconference element to an existing event which is something I think is a good idea and will be seen more often in events as it allows the sponteniety of the unconference also allows a more tranditional route for conference goers who prefer that format (or those like myself who prefer the abiity to pick ‘n’ mix!).  Its useful advice from a guy with alot of experience of events in general and someone who has recently done exactly what he is talking about so its worth reading.  Not surprisingly it ends with a plug for Crowdvine – but can’t say I have a problem with that as I think Crowdvine is a useful tool for events and certainly the most event-centric of the diy social networks out there.

David Wilcox has been talking about what he is trying to capture from events as he continues to document events with his phone, video camera and alot of hard work.  I think its interesting but I think personally that some kind of media capture of the ‘stuff’ (read the post to understand the context) is important as well – too often the presentations lack coherence without the addition of at least an audio track and the post (or pre) event papers often miss out on those eureka moments that happen in front of a live audience – especially during Q and As.

I also came across the O’Reilly Ignite events concept this week and like the idea of adding something like this to an existing more formal event – I imagine it creates a very different energy and could help allieviate the dips that often seemto happen at big events.  I love the idea of Ignite in a Box as well – a really useful resource that I hope I get the chance to use some day!

Finally its been really interesting watching the 2gether08 conference come together online – not only does it have an innovative bunch of speakers, sessions and ideas on the days it also has been wonderfully innovative in the manner its been organised and after a brief upturn in my financial situation I am hoping to be able to attend for at least part of the conference now.

4 thoughts on “Events 2.0 roundup..

  1. Yes if I’d known about 2gether08 earlier I might not have blown all my money on refitting my kitchen. I feel like a middle aged loser. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks Matt – and I completely agree about adding the “stuff” as well as conversations and stories to give context. I meant to suggest that “stuff” was fairly easy for organisers to put up, and social reporters should concentrate on stories and conversations. However, as I’m discovering with a small local authority event I’m covering that’s easier said than done. You can end up pinging between the officer-client and web manager about who will do what. Maybe we have to do the whole package.
    Really hope you can make it to 2gether08.

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