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I’ve had quite a bit of time time to think about stuff just lately and in particular trying to get a better handle on what it is I actually do for a living and whether it makes any sense and particularly what is it that keeps me so committed to this pretty vague career.  So I’m taking a bit of time to post about the sites and ideas that interest me and that I think are important.

So as I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before I’m a big fan of Get Satisfaction and its commitment to improving customer service provision for a whole load of people and championing customer/user rights in a pretty forthright manner.  Back in February the Get Satisfaction team ran a conference called Customer Service is the New Marketing which was essentially based around the concept of companies/products with top notch customer service/support benefit from that elusive word of mouth/friend of a friend marketing which lessens the requirement (though I’m pretty sure doesn’t do away with) reliance of more traditional methods.  There is nothing about this that I don’t agree with and I believe that great customer service does create great word of mouth and loyal customers but I think its only one (hugely important) factor in achieving a truly engaged customer base/audience.

Customer service is key though and especially in an online business or organisation its important to make use of all the tools at your disposal to provide a proactive and people focused service.  This is where I think Get Satisfaction really scores high as it creates the platform for you to do this – for free!  All you need to do is get knowledgable and personable people to monitor it and you are away.  Getting people with a genuine understanding of and passion for your website/application/product is invaluable as I doubt there is a person in the UK who isn’t tired to death of dealing with helpdesk robots who have little understanding of your queries beyond the scripts they are given.  Great customer service requires the ability to get things done – its lovely to deal with nice people (and it makes a change) but nice people who can sort your problems without needing to bounce it off a half dozen people – now thats something special!

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