First week on the Beanbag..

So I have survived my first week working on Beanbag Learning and it has to be said its been interesting!  I’ve never worked for a small company before (though often in small teams) and have certainly never worked with a job description or even a job title!  Still its been good so far and certainly has got my brain going as I’m getting my hands dirty alot more than I have had to in recent years.

I spent alot of this week concentrating on getting a steady flow of blog posts out of the door and reaching out to various people I felt could give us a bit of an initial boost in numbers as well as exploring some ideas about how to really stand out from the competition as far as tutor websites are concerned.

Next week I’ll try to keep the blogging up but also look at developing more of a Facebook presence, reaching out to those people who have already signed up to make sure they get the best out of the service and also start working on redrafting a great deal of the copy on the site.  Currently there is little contextual advice as you are using the site and the information that is there lacks a bit of personality so thats been added to my evolving role!

I’d also like to get a bit of coverage on tech blogs like Techcrunch UK, Mashable and the Guardians PDA as well as in the Bristol Evening Post and Venue Magazine but haven’t currently got much insight into how to make that happen so I guess I’d better learn fast (maybe I should get a tutor!)