just a quick visit..

 After spending much of Monday discussing future web strategy with various JISC folk and then following the blog and Twitter coverage at JIF08 at Keele I was inspired to come and check out the old blog and give it a bit of a spring clean!

Thankfully Akismet has been working its magic so I was pretty spam free and its cool to see the upgrades to the plug-ins that Hector has implemented and while the backend to WordPress MU hasn’t had the recent improvements that wordpress.org and .com have benefitted from its still a comfortable fit for me.

I’m doing alot of blogging in my main new day job at Jiva/Beanbag and while at Jiva the entire site is based on the most recent version of WP and thus is a joy to use the Beanbag blog has no such luxuries – allowing nothing but a little hand crafted HTML in the body, no tags, no categories, no embedding of media (well thats not true – I’m pretty sure I could do it given time but it would not be smooth sailing!) so popping in to blog here feels like a luxury!

Anyway I’ll continue to stop in here from time to time as long as this blog exists (and I’m allowed to access it) as I’m proud of my involvement with jiscinvolve and also intend to stay in touch with the happenings of the JISC community (oops is the ‘c’ word off limits after John Selbys talk at Keele?) as much as possible – who knows maybe if the start-up life doesn’t pan out I’ll be back!!