Social Innovation Camp – the sequel!

One of the events I was very sorry to miss earlier this year was the Social Innovation Camp – but as it was in London at just about the time I packed in JISC/HEFCE I wasn’t really in a position to head down to London no matter how interested I was (plus I have my ongoing dislike of visiting London!) however I followed the coverage on the Guardian website and via Twitter and Google Blog Search so I managed to keep track of it pretty well.

There was one project I was particularly interested in – though in the end it didn’t win unfortunately – On the Up (as it became post camp..) was a clever idea about building a kind of online, personal, ‘record of achievement’ or ‘development plan’ based on goals they set for themselves and activities they undertake to achieve those goals.  Anyway I really liked the sound of that and I was pleased to see a small team took it on beyond the Camp (though the blog hasn’t been updated in a while).

Anyway it was a great idea and something that I think appeals to alot of people in and around the web community so I was really pleased to see that there is going to be another one this year.  The second Social Innovation Camp will be 5-7 December and is suppored by the Young Foundation and Nesta.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it down this year and there will be some education themed project(s) I can help with a bit.

2 thoughts on “Social Innovation Camp – the sequel!

  1. Looks really interesting, Matt. If only there were more hours in the day I’d love to get stuck in. I share your dislike of London though (I think it’s an age thing). If only it was in Bristol!

  2. Hi Matt – just picked up your trackback from the ontheup blog! Yep sadly developments come to a standstill – mostly because I’ve been tied up with work stuff for the past few weeks but I’m still planning to work on the idea later in the year and hopefully will have some of the original team on board time permitting.

    I share your dislike of London too – or at least how the world seems to revolve around it and certainly there was quite a strong element of that at the last one. I’m sure the next Innovation Camp will be even better tho and worth your journey.

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