A last QuickPint for the road..

A few months ago when I first left JISC/HEFCE I wrote here about my ideas for QuickPint a real ale/pub focused website that I was planning on trying to set up – as much as a shop window to demonstrate what could be achieved outside of the geekier end of the web (as well as an excuse to visit breweries and having a few pints).  I still stand by the idea – however I never really got around to it during the disaster that was my freelance career and now I’m too busy with Beanbag and am trying to focus on ideas around education and the social web rather than beer!

Yesterday though I read on Techcrunch UK that Beer In the Evening, the real heavyweight as far as online coverage of pubs etc in the UK, was sold for only £30k just a year ago!  In alot of ways thats amazing – not least that I could have probably raised enough to buy the site, give it a design refresh and implement my Quickpint ideas to generate an active community without breaking the bank and it probably would have been pretty profitable!  Oh well – another idea destined for a dusty corner and a further example of my lack of any entrepreneurial skills!