Brilliant Bathcamp..

I spent Saturday at Bathcamp (when I wasn’t sneaking off to Flan O’Briens for football and Bellringer Ale!) and have to say I enjoyed it a great deal.  My contribution to the event was a bath recently torn out of a family friends bathroom and 100 yellow rubber ducks (more on the ducks over on the Bathcamp blog) and sponsoring some of the drinks at the pub on the evening – I completely avoided having to speak, which was good, and so had a stress free day maining gossiping about geek matters with various folk, schemeing about the idea for BETTr (more on that later this week) and attending some interesting talks (was especially impressed with the archaeology session – really interesting – especially thinking back to my time at uni on the occasional dig!)

It was well organised, at an intersting venue, with a nice spread of sessions (though one guy taking 3 slots seemed a bit much) and Mike, Lisa, Stephen, Frankie and Tim deserve alot of praise as they barely had chance to sit down on the Saturday and were really working hard.

Anyway it was athe perfect event for me – caught up with some friends, met some cool new people, learnt some new stuff and managed to get some decent drinking in as well!

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  2. Hi Matt – glad you had a good time, and thanks loads to you for the bath and ducks, not to mention beanbag for the sponsorship. Massively appreciated.


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