For BETTr or Worse

Inspired in part by a combination of the success of F-ALT, my experiences at Bathcamp and general dissatisfaction with how few education based start-ups get any love at the tech events both here in the UK and the interest from Paul at School of Everything, Al at Luzia Research and Laura from the OU (with the name inspired by Bristol Open Coffees John) I have decided in collboration with Paul and others to push forward with the idea for some kind of unconference around the BETT show with a focus on education start-ups and people doing interesting stuff around the social web and education.

Josie Fraser and James Clay had a similar idea and had set up an EduBETT wiki to build a F-ALT like fringe around BETT and we are going to work together to make the most of both ideas and get as many cool folk as possible involved.

5 thoughts on “For BETTr or Worse

  1. Cool, look forward to seeing this develop.

    I have a couple ideas (one in particular) for products and companies that would be very suited to an unconference.

    I’ve been advising this company for some time over in Canada, they’re beginning to get some interest from School Boards over there but we haven’t figured out the best way to break into the UK; this could be it.


  2. Thanks for kicking of the blog posts 🙂

    We used a wiki to great effect for community scaffolding and sharing the organisation of F-ALT, letting everyone pitch in. If you’re keen, you can sign up over at the EduBETT wiki now and we can transfer content over to the BETTr wiki/publicise as soon as it’s up. Looking forward to seeing what we can all come up with.

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