Been Bettr

I realise I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog recently especially considering I recently mentioned the plan to take Bettr forward but I am on the case – honest!  I have spoken to Paul @ School of Everything and we have a plan that is starting to take shape so a few readers of this blog can expect emails next week!  Also we will launch next week – the design will be a bit limited to start with but we’ll soon get that sorted and as well as being the place to keep up with the organisation of the event we’ll also open the blog up to guest posts and interviews with people who are coming along.

The plan at the moment is a unconference style event at an undisclosed location in London focusing on education focused start-ups on (probably) the 14th January with (hopefully) a Social Innovation Camp meet-up with an education theme on the evening.  We’ll also do what we can to tie-in and help with the plans for a BETT fringe and any events like Teachmeet that might be taking place.

Any startups who are interested in attending (and anyone else) should drop me a line (mjukes AT though anyone who has been in touch with me before is already on the list one way or another!  We’ll also try and get someone from an investors point of view along as well journalists who might be interested.

This all of course depends on the (web) world not having totally imploded by January which given all the bad news dominating not only the main stream media but also the Silicon Valley blogs might be a long shot!