Been Blogging @ Bettr

My smooth piece of alliteration in the title (and anyone with a superohero habit like me loves a bit of alliteration) is mainly to point out that I have been doing a bit of blogging over at and that has slowed things down a bit here.  Most of the content over there that is not specifically event specific will probably be of interest to anyone who reads this blog (content from Edufire, Learnhub, BBC Backstage, Talis is included as well as a neat widget from Delib) and there will also be a number of videos posted as soon as I get my head around editing video (didn’t get on too well with the Flip video tool so am trying iMovie and QuickTime Pro out now to see if I have better luck there!)

I have every intention of getting down to a more regular posting schedule here come February but for the time being I’ll be blogging at Bettr..