The Cool-er ebook reader

As is so often the case these days I came across the Cool-er, the latest ebook reader on the block, via a tweet from Jag Gill and as I remain extremely interested in all things ebook I followed the link and was suitably impressed.

cool ereaders

The website is nice and clean and the reader look, well, cool. Quite obviously taking (all) their design pointers from iPods (particularly an earlier, much loved version of the iPod mini I think) they certainly look the part and their commitment to open eBook standards seems to bode well. The price is OK as well – £189 – and I would be very tempted to splash out though I’d need to have some kind of hands on experience first.

The reader got a fair share of coverage this week and the fact that it comes from a UK startup called Interead is also something I like and would be prepared to back. They also have an online ebook store called Cooler Books which I have had a quick browse through and it seems to be pretty smooth.

I’ve never seen ereaders or ebooks as a replacement for the fiction I read – I like the whole package of the type of old school pulp fiction I tend to read for pleasure but I could certainly see myself carrying an ereader full of the latest social web geekfests (Here Comes Everybody, the Whuffie Factor, What Would Google Do etc etc) and also as it supports PDFs in a past (and maybe future) life it would be a godsend to download meeting papers to read comfortably electronically and not have to schlep small forests around everywhere..

Anyway all things being equal don’t be surprised to see a tweet from me in the coming weeks saying I’ve bought one of these!