Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – ouch

So after a day of considerable Twitter speculation it seems that the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills is a goner and will be replaced by a new super-Department under the Lord of Darkness, Peter Mandelson.

DIUS has only been around for 2 years by my estimation and apart from some really great work in and around the social media world by Steph and his team it has always struggled to make much of an impression and if I’m honest I always doubted its survival if the Tories got in but wasn’t expecting this. To be fair as far as I can tell they’ve only just finished moving into Kingsgate House after leaving the DCSF offices!

I’m no expert on the comings and goings in Westminster but I really don’t see how this can be anything but bad news for FE and HE. I just think its a fatally flawed decision, but hey what do I know. The fact that education or universities doesn’t even make an appearance in the name of the Department surely does not bode well!

I am sure talented folk like Steph will find themselves in demand but DIUS really was ahead of the curve with the social media stuff. Maybe he’ll find a role with the new Director of Digital Engagement?

Also feel a bit sorry for Eduserv as they recently launched a new DIUS site that was a really nice piece of work for them and a showcase for the Sitecore CMS..

Anyway good luck to everyone involved especially my Twitter friends I hope it all works out. To my friends on the edges at JISC, HEFCE etc – well interesting times ahead I think.

4 thoughts on “Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – ouch

  1. Its more the being allowed to do stuff that I was worried about – I think you and Neil could do some great stuff over at DBIS but I never get the impression that Lord Mandelson is much of a fan of the social web and a merger of this scale is likely to cause a fair bit of extra bureaucracy I would think. Anyway good luck – at least it keeps things interesting!

  2. I agree seems like a mad time to do the change DIUS as a whole did seem destined for the rubbish heap but to do it now is crazy – all that effort and energy and presumably money to make changes that will be canned when the inevitable Tories ride back in…

    Steph has done some great things at DIUS, shame it was n’t replicated more widely (in terms of ‘doing’ stuff). Was always worried that the actual experience of HE in DIUS was thin, I guess that will be even worse now we’ve been moved over to the dark lord -heaven help us

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