Conference crazy

Spent a bit of time actually sorting out my calendar yesterday (something I only seem to do about twice a year, depending on a combination of memory and luck the rest of the time!) and I realised that June and July was filling up rapidly with some really interesting events and that I was going to be a busy boy.

Next week, in what I think is a brilliant move, the Watershed is livestreaming a number of sessions from bTWEEN. For those of us unable to make the trip to Liverpool this is a great opportunity and demonstrates just what can be achieved these days by adding a layer of technology to extend the reach of events. I’m particularly looking forward to the Charles Leadbeater keynote.

On the weekend of the 19th-21st unSheffield is taking place. This is an amazing unconference style event that has been building for the best part of a year and is a real inspiration for those of us interested in the whole Barcamp style movement. The geekshef guys have really pulled off something special planning this and I can’t wait to see it in action.

The 26th sees the BBC Learning team run an Unplugged event at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. I don’t know much about what is happening at this event but I’m interested in anything the Beeb has to say about education and their recent work with the Open Learning stuff on the Backstage platform has been very interesting. Myles Runham, Head of Interactive Learning is hosting the day.

The 30th has me making an early start down to London for the Channel 4 Summer Education Conference. In a lot of ways C4 has jumped ahead of the Beeb when it comes to the online education provision particularly teenagers and Matt Locke is an interesting bloke (for a Spurs fan) and it has some great speakers so this should be fun.

The following day its Chris Anderson in Bristol. Now Anderson is geek royalty; Editor in Chief of Wired, author of the Long Tail and his new book Free, so it will be interesting to see if he lives up to the hype.

Then the weekend sees me heading back to London for OpenTech. I love everything about this event from the fact its only a fiver, to the mix of scheduled speakers and unconference style offerings but I’m only going to be attending for the morning as geek that I obviously am the British and Irish Lions test match still comes first!

Monday the 6th July sees me back in London again (maybe I’ll stay..) for Reboot Britain. This event had the radical idea of allowing people to pay what they could for tickets to the event – I rather unoriginally just went for the recommended £30 but I am interested to see ho that works. This event is a spin-off from last years hugely successful 2Gether08 event so I have high hopes.

Last but by no means least at the moment is Wordcamp on the 18th/19th of July. I’m mainly looking forward to this to hear Matt Mullenweg speak but there are quite a few people from my Twitter stream attending and its always fun to catch up with people over a beer.

Bloody hell that seems an awful lot written down and at some point Bathcamp will happen as well but hopefully that’ll be a bit later in the summer.

Guess I had better fill in my Dopplr now!