As I write this blog post it is almost exactly 24 hours til I will have completely finished my time at Jiva and will be starting out on my PG rated leaving do (no drinking for yours truly!). This signals the start of alot of changes in my life and to some extent that is going to be reflected on this blog as well. Not only will I be starting my new position at Becta in a week or so but I will also be moving to Leamington Spa – initially just for weekdays but pretty soon it will be a fulltime move. For someone who defines themselves so much by their relationship to their hometown (in fact to a little corner of their hometown) this is a huge deal. I know that many people out there are more nomadic and see nothing unusual about moving for your career – I am not one of these people that is for sure!

The new job will not be without its challenges either; Becta are very much a 1st generation web organisation and while they are starting to stick their toes into the sea of the social web there is a long way to go. I also have some nerves about working much more closely with government departments and the challenges that brings and there are also technical aspects of the main Becta site that concern me – though I love the new design and am happy to see the move away from the old Coldfusion CMS.

Amongst all of this I have also decided to give up drinking which may be the biggest change of all! I have been a pretty heavy drinker for 20 years now and at times could have been the poster child for binge drinking. Recently though I decided it was time to stop that and use the fresh start a new job, home etc offers to spur me on.

Anyway what this is likely to mean is that this blog develops 3 themes rather than the main work focus it has held up til now. 1. Life in Leamington 2. Work stuff and 3. Life without ale. I have created a work only RSS feed for people so they can avoid the more personal posts (thank god for WordPress!) but consider this fair warning of the changes afoot!

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  1. Nice job! I’m not sure that it was ale in that pub in Cardiff anyway, so you can probably go back there safely 🙂 Good luck for the move and catch up soon.

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