Settling in..

USB Stick by James Clay (
USB Stick by James Clay (

So I survived week one at the new job and all-in-all it went pretty well I think.  There is going to be a steep learning curve for me on the administrative side of things as there is a much more formal approach than I am used to and there is certainly a meeting culture (though that is not a surprise and seems much the same as JISC) but on the other hand the team seems cool and there seems to be a real opportunity to make an impact across the board in digital communications.  In many ways they are where JISC were a couple of years ago; needing to build a coherent, forward looking web presence while also feeling their way through the minefield that is social media.  Having been through many of these issues before I have to be careful not to skip ahead to my own fully formed conclusions and instead take baby steps to ensure I am bringing everyone else along with me.

I was lucky enough to immediately get involved with an interesting project around the Learning Revolution adult learning work which is working closely with Brian Hoadley and the Directgov Innovate team and I am also hopefully going to be acting as an adviser on a Futurelab project that is based in Bristol.

On a more personal level I have found the combination of living as a lodger, not having a drink and starting a new job a tough combination. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to experiment with different travel plans and also investigate the flexible working options as I try and find a routine that suits me best but if I’m honest it was not as hard as I had thought and I’m sure it will soon become second nature. I have also pretty much given up on the idea of giving up drinking though I am going to struggle on for another week or two.

So a decent beginning to my latest fresh start!