Netflix culture

As someone who has just started a new job and has dutifully read all the HR policies and procedures (honest!) I read this Netflix presentation with a mixture of jealousy and awe.  It isn’t a perfect document and does make an awful lot of assumptions about the sort of staff they have working for them but there are so many gems within the 128 slides that I am willing to let that pass (magnanimous of me don’t you think!)

Now it has to be said I don’t think this philosophy would have a cats chance in hell of surviving in the public sector or education but it strikes me that an awful lot of private companies are in a real position at the moment to make radical changes and there are lessons to be learned here.

Anyway read the presentation; it looks long but only takes a few minutes to read and is well worth it.  Slide 61 is a presonal favourite of mine also slides 86-91 strike a chord as well (and lets not even talk about the vacation stuff!)