Socialnomics video: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

Apparently that famous quote was originally by Benjamin Disraeli and was just made famous by Mark Twain, so that covers my bit of learning for the day 🙂

This video (found thanks to Mia on Twitter) throws an awful lot of unverified stats at you in a very short time but for the most part they do have a ring of truth about them and it is a very well produced and slick video (with a soundtrack which will inevitably cause it trouble down the line).  It is a nice companion piece to the ‘What the F**k is Social Media’ presentation I mentioned recently and I am unashamed to say I’m a fan (though I hardly need convincing of the worth of social media) so congrats to the guys at Socialnomics.  Enjoy the video it is well worth 4 minutes of your day.