Six of the Best: the non-work websites that I love

As a weekday nomad I find myself using the web in a slightly different way than I was used to at home (where I had a flat full of other distractions). These are six sites/apps that seem to have overtaken my browsing. There are a couple of less well known choices amongst the giants..

1) Sky Player – the ability to watch the footy and the cricket via my Macbook off the back of my subscriptions back home is just a thing of beauty and is certain to become more and more important to me as the season hots up! The service is wonderfully easy to use and surprisingly reliable. Haven’t really bothered with any non-sports content yet but that alone is more than good enough to make this list..

2) Split Fares – a brilliant site (that someone like 4iP should invest in!) that makes it easy to take advantage of the (criminal) vagaries of the train operators in this country. This site allowed me to discover I could save a £30 plus on my weekly return to Coventry! It has also recently saved me a small fortune for a trip to Manchester and makes weekends in London an affordable reality.

3) Mininova with a little help from Transmission for my BitTorrent action. Now I am not a big downloader and only use it for TV shows from the Septics and considering the amount of TV channels I pay for and the amount of boxsets I purchase I reckon I pay my way 🙂 I tried Usenet for a bit but never really grasped it so I’m sticking to this classic combo.

4) iTunes – I am also a recent convert to purchasing/renting TV/movies via iTunes – the speed and ease makes up for the cost. The speed in which I was able to recently purchased Mad Men season 1 was fantastic – I know it comes with some unfortunate DRM but sometimes convenience outweighs everything..

5) Get Music – this is a great site for a huge rap music fan like me. It collates the latest free ‘mixtapes’ from all over the web. Mixtapes have always been a big part of hip hop but they used to be TDK tapes shared in playgrounds and bars but the web has made it big business and while there are plenty of young guns using the mixtapes to make a name for themselves an awful lot of established guys also release quality mixes.

6) Now this one will be a surprise to noone; Spotify! Seriously have no idea what I would do without this app at this point. I find myself listening to more music than ever before and expanding my taste all the time (though it is fair to say I mainly listen to hip hop!)

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