Introducing ‘New Street Hell’

My new job at JISC means I spend alot of time on trains as do many of my colleagues and one thing we all agree on is that Birmingham New Street station is some kind of outpost of hell here on earth.  With this in mind, and because I am prone to do stupid things, I recently purchased the domain with the vague idea of sharing my horror stories.

The idea I ended up settling on was some sort of Twitter based site that aggregated all tweets with the tag #newstreethell.  Initially I was thinking of twisting the arms of some of my ex-colleagues at Jiva and see if they could dust off the code for Sweet Tweet but they are pretty busy these days doing stuff like this and I’ve already got Theo rebuilding my netbook so there is only so much I can take advantage!  Then I remembered reading about the Guardian Twitterfall app and that seemed perfect but after spending a bit of time looking in to it I realised getting it up and running was going to be beyond me (certainly on a Sunday with a hangover anyway!).

Just as I was about the give up and do something more constructive (like watch the Babylon 5 marathon on FX) I came across Tweetwally which was exactly what I was looking for.  It allows you to set up a personalised Twitterfall style site and gives you a unique URL and a small amount of control over the look and feel (with the capacity for adding background images coming soon which is great news.)  Tweetwally uses OAuth to signup but didn’t produce one of those annoying autotweets and didn’t appear to ask for ‘write’ access which is good news.

So in the end with minimal effort New Street Hell was born – if nothing else it took my mind of my combination cold/hangover for a while!