Reviving the Brizzlecamp idea

So yesterday I was in my standard January 1st mood (not helped by a storming hangover it has to be said) and I wrote my review of 2009 while in not the best state of mind.  That said when I re-read the post today there wasn’t much about it that I would change despite feeling pretty chirpy today so I guess it really was a rubbish year!

So let me see if I can get 2010 off to a better start and be a bit pro-active.  One of the highlights of 2009 for me was Bathcamp ( which was great fun and beyond the weekend event has also evolved into a strong community ( with the regular evening meetups and things like the end of year quiz.  Now as a proud Bristolian I can only be so supportive of anything based in Bath ;0) and I wonder if we have become a little fragmented in Bristol as far as meet-ups are concerned and maybe we need our own unifying Barcamp or similar event to bring all the various activities in Bristol together.  I know at one point there was an idea of doing an Amplified ( style event in Bristol but that didn’t quite get off the ground but did I think have the right idea.

In a burst of enthusiasm after Bathcamp I did purchase the domain Brizzlecamp ( as well as hosting for a couple of years and I have previously written about a rather OTT idea for a Big Brizzlecamp ( which was probably too ambitious but does have alot of ideas I think are sound.  Especially the idea of doing something around Stokes Croft which I think has become a real creative hot spot in Bristol, especially with all the goings on at Hamilton House.

Now I have no intention of pushing ahead with this solo – I tried that with my West of Interesting idea and then it stalled entirely due to some life choices I made – that said I will have some time this year to dedicate to this and am very unlikely to run off to Coventry again(!) so I guess the two questions that need answering are;

1) are people interested in having a go at arranging a barcamp/unconference for Bristol and

2) if so should we arrange a bit of a meetup sometime soon to start to thrash out the details?

Answers on a postcard (or more helpfully in the comments!)


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